A Writing Celebration!


Grade 2N students celebrate writing with parents!

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On the first day of school, students wrote a story about a moment from their holidays. After weeks of teaching and learning students were asked to revise and edit their work. Students were then asked to finish and publish their stories. For our celebration, students collected their first piece of writing, drafts (including revisions and edits) along with their published work to show and celebrate how they have developed as emerging authors.

Grade 2N received an overwhelming turn out. Many parents, family members and IST teachers joined in the celebration to support Grade 2 students in their journey as writers.

Thank you everyone for your support!

2N the Buzzing Bees

A Round of Applause for our Parents!


Thank you Parents for a really cool International Day! We appreciate all your hard work and time. The food was yummy and the games were really fun. It was neat to learn about the various places and to see everyone dressed up.  

It was the best day of the year so far!
Thank you for making it possible,

Grade 2 Students and Teachers

2L Loves to Blog


As a follow up to our Talking About Blogs lesson in the lab a week ago, Grade 2L decided to try writing our own material for our blog. We learned how to write a blog entry called a ‘post’. We wrote one as a class before getting to try writing one out ourselves. Each classmate shared his/her blog post and we voted on our two favorites below.

I.S.T. Gives

by Sara

In Dar two weeks ago bombs went off by the airport because of a fire. People’s homes that were near the airport were destroyed. Now I.S.T. is trying to help by giving people supplies like dried food, pillows, blankets and clothes. Things are brought into school and then taken to those who need them.

All About Twist

by Tabitha

Hello. My school has a very special twiga named Twist, and Twist helps everyone take care of each other. When we see him we give him a hug. He is very cute and comes into classrooms to visit for a week.