A list of Internet Resources to support Grade 2 Student Learning at IST. Click on the links below.

Student Internet Search ENGINES

Ask Kids! – Students can research information by asking questions
KidRex – Safe Internet search for kids, by kids
Fact Hound – sniff out facts on the web
SweetSearch – A search engine for students


(IST user name and password required)
Ebsco – Access newspapers, magazines, country info, primary sources and much much more

Online Encyclopedias
(IST user name and password required)
Grolier Online – Online encyclopedia
Encyclopædia Britannica – Online School Edition

Student Internet Search PICTURES

Flickr Storm – Search high quality images from Flickr


Raz-Kids! – Interactive eBooks For Students
StarFall Reading Pactice – A Fun Way to Practice Reading Online
Earobics! – Game Goo online reading games
Johnnie’s Story Page – interactive stories and reading activities
StoryPlace Elementary Library – interactive stories for kids
Book Adventure – A free reading motivation program for kids


Fact Monster Writing – A resource page to help with all kinds of writing
My StoryMaker – Create your own story online
Make Beliefs Comix – create your own story in comic strip form
Wordle – generate your own word cloud

Mad Libs and Wacky Story Writing

Wacky Web Tales – Write your own wacky story
FunBrain Mad Libs – Write your own mad lib online

Writing Prompts

The NOUN Game – Choose interesting Nouns to practice your writing
The VERB Game – Choose interesting Verbs to practice your writing
The ADJECTIVE Game – Choose interesting Adjectives to practice your writing

A Newspaper Article

Be A Reporter – Online template to write a newspaper article


Similar and Opposite – Match words with like meanings
Interactive Crossword – choose ‘Words That Sound Alike’ aka Homophones!


Grammar Ninja – A game to practice identifying Parts of Speech
Punctuation Paintball! – Learn about punctuation and have fun!
Pronouns – Collect personal pronouns on your pirate ship


Spelling City – A fun way to learn how to spell your own spelling words!
Look Cover Write and Check – Interactive spelling game
Spellbound – Practice spelling words against the clock


BBC Dance Mat Typing – Practice your typing at school and at home
TypingWeb – Online typing tutor, tests, games and more
Type Racer – Practice typing while racing against your friends
Super Hyper Spider Typer – Practice typing and save Berry the hairy spider!

Typing Tests

TypingTest – Test your typing skills!


Everyday Math Games online – use your username and password to log in and have fun!

World Maths Day!!!– Login to the official website

SumDog – Sign in with your student account to play fun Math games

Math Dictionary for KIDS! – animated, interactive dictionary for students

Place Value and Base 10 Blocks

Manny’s Rumba – place value using base 10 blocks
Place the Penguins – interactive game to learn about place value
Toon University – place value to the thousands place with Duck Von Fly
Place Value Calculator – write numbers by place value


Money Program – Learn about and use US coins and bills to pay for items
Change eXchanger – Practice giving change with British Pounds
Cash Out! – Give correct change to customers for each transaction
Coin Como – Race to combine coins to make amounts

Telling Time

Stop The Clock! 1 – Telling time by the 1/2 hour
Stop The Clock! 2 – Telling time by 15 minutes
Stop The Clock! 3 – Telling time by 5 minutes
Stop The Clock! 4 – Telling time by 1 minute
Stop The Clock! 5 – Telling time by 1 minute (24 hour clock)
Stop The Clock! R – Matching time written to the clock face
Practice Telling Time – A working clock that you can play with to practice telling time

Data and Graphing

Create a Graph – Create Your Own Graph Online
Kid’s AOL Graphs – Learn about different types of graphs
BBC KS2 Bitesize – Maths data handling games

Computation Games

Math Magicians – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
tutpup – Practice Maths skills with others around the world
BBC KS2 Bitesize – Number games from simple sums to using a calculator

Addition Facts

Dr. Brain’s Robot – Practice your addition facts
Number Attack – Practice your addition facts
Math Popper! – Fast-paced practice for addition
Ambleweb Addition Machine – Practice your addition

Subtraction Facts

Ambleweb Subtraction Machine – Practice your subtraction
Island Chase Subtraction – Race others using subtraction

Multiplication Facts

Multiplication Table Applet – Visual multiplication array
Cone Crazy Levels – Practice your multiplication and serve ice cream
Space Race – Practice multiplication and race against your friends
Tug Team Multiplication – Play against others and practice your times tables – Interactive multiplication games

Division Facts

Division Derby – Race against others while practicing division facts
Pony Division – An 8 player division game
Drag Race Division – Race your mates using division
Demolition Division – Demolish tanks with division
Division Mine – Use division to help Molly and Max

Sum Sense Games

Sum Sense Addition – Single Digit Addition
Sum Sense Subtraction – Single Digit Subtraction

Speed Grid Games

Speed Grid Addition Level 1 – Practice addition against the clock
Speed Grid Addition Level 2 – Practice addition against the clock
Speed Grid Addition Level 3 – Practice addition against the clock
Speed Grid Subtraction Level 1 – Practice subtraction against the clock
Speed Grid Subtraction Level 2 – Practice subtraction against the clock
Speed Grid Subtraction Level 3 – Practice subtraction against the clock
Speed Grid Multiplication – Practice multiplication against the clock

Number Line Games

Line Jumper – Practice Maths Skills with a Number Line

100 Chart Games

Splat Squares – Practice skip counting and other fun with 100 chart
Dog Bone – Find the bone on the 100 chart

Sorting, Classifying and Patterning

Monster Madness! – Sort and classify the monsters


Geoboard – Practice using a Geoboard online
Virtual Manipulative – Lots of Geometry resources online
Tangram Puzzle – Use all seven pieces to make a picture
Patch Tool – Use pattern blocks to create shapes
Shapes! – Learn about 2D and 3D shapes
Shape Facts – Learn about shapes and symmetry
Tangrams – Create shapes using tangram pieces
Cyberchase Tangram Puzzle – Create puzzle shapes game


Pizza Party – Choose the fraction of the amount of pizza
Fraction Paint 2 x 2 – Color in the fraction 2 x 2
Fraction Paint 3 x 3 – Color in the fraction 3 x 3
VectorKids Fractions – Write in the fraction represented in the picture
Melvin’s Make a Match – Choose the fraction and the matching picture
Fraction Frenzy – Match the equivalent fractions
Matching Fraction Game – Find the matching fractions
Fractions in Space – Shoot the equivalent fractions


Cyberchase Poodle Weigh In – Match the weight of each poodle
Funbrain Measure It – Practice measuring length
Time To Move – Catch and measure each fish
Cyberchase Pour to Score – Practice using volume
Measure – Help Bob the builder with measuring

Alien Cookbook – Measure ingredients to bake a cake.


Other Math Games

Academic Skill Builder – Single and Multiplayer Maths games
Math Doodles – Some fun Math Doodle games

Daily Sudoku – puzzles change daily

[Click here to print this puzzle.]

Visit for more puzzles, solutions, hints, books and other resources.

Units of Inquiry

Maasai and I

Pearson Social Studies – use cardinal directions game
EduPlace – compass rose game


Minibeast Identification – Check your skills at Identifying Minibeasts

The Great Bug Hunt – Help find the insects in the garden and recognise Predators and Pollinators

Magic Schoolbus – Build a bug

Minibeast Maker – Simple bug design game

Create your own SuperBug – Choose adaptations to help insects survive.

Fables and Fairy Tales

British Council – Fairy tales and traditional stories
Aesop’s Fables – A collection of fables to read
Tom Lynch’s Aesop Fables – 13 animated fables with hand sewn fabrics
Kids Gen – Fables, fairy tales and other short stories
Between the Lions – folktales and fables

Simple Machines – Resources and Games

Simple Machines Game – Museum of Science and Industry Chicago
Fantastic Contraption – Build your own Fantastic Machine
Fantastic Contraption 2 – Create and solve problems with simple machines

Rube Goldberg and Perpetual Motion Machines

Rube Goldberg – Learn more about Rube Goldberg and his cartoons
Blue Balls in Motion – Check out this perpetual motion machine
FOSS Rube Goldberg Activities – Build a Rube Goldberg Machine online

Levers – Investigate how levers work in this interactive mobile

Problem Solving with Push/Pull Physics and Simple Machines
Magic Pen – Draw items and use simple machines to solve problems
Fantastic Contraption – Design and build your own compound machine
Roller Coaster Designer – Use gravity’s pull to create your coaster
Wallace and Gromit Invention Suspension – Use simple machines to solve problems

Learn About Simple and Compound Machines

EdHeads! – Activate your mind and explore lots of cool activities
EdHeads! Simple Machines – Learn more about simple and compound machines
Simple Machines – Identify the different ways simple machines are used

Step Up To The Plate

ChooseMyPlate – Learn about healthy food choices
Nutrition Exploration – interactive food pyramid
Pyramid Blast Off – learn about nutrition and the food pyramid
MyPyramid Plan – Create a personal food plan
Children’s University of Manchester – Science, History and Art links
Bon Apetite Arcade – Shoot out a well balanced meal

Information from
Stress – The story on stress
Staying Fit – Information on being a fit kid
Exercise – Find out why exercise is cool
Sleep – Find out what sleep is and why we need it
Colds – Chilling out with colds

Step Up To The Plate – WebQuests
Building A Healthy Meal – WebQuest for students to create a healthy meal
Spread The Health – WebQuest for learning about health living

Human Body

All Systems Go! – Help rebuild the body systems
How The Body Works! – Learn more about your body
Human Body – Lessons from kids in Colchester, Vermont
Discovery Kids – Learn about your gross and cool body
Kid’s Biology – Learn about the different body systems
The Circulatory System – Body system information for kids
Respiratory System – The basics about the respiratory system
Your Heart – Information about the circulatory system

Signs and Symbols

Color in Motion – Experience color communication and symbolism
Signs & Symbols Picture Quiz
Traffic Light and Meanings
Match the Map Symbols
The Noun Project – Sharing symbols in a fun and meaningful way to communicate
Street Sign Gallery – Test your sign knowledge
History of Design – Symbols as the alphabet of human thought
Morse Code Generator – Type a message in Morse Code

Rocket Fun!

NASA’s Rocket Builder – Build your own fleet of rocket ships
Addition Blast Off – Can you add as fast as a rocket?
NASA Kids Club – Learn about space travel, rockets and more from NASA


Discovery Kids Volcano Explorer – Learn about volcanoes and what happened in Pompeii
National Geographic: Quiz Your Noodle – See what you know about volcanoes
Scholastic Volcano Lab – Test your volcano knowledge
Natural History Museum – Answer questions to build a volcano

Get Creative!

Lego Creative Builder – Have fun testing your building skills
Build a Toy – Build a toy and get it to its toy box safely

Drawing and Photo Tools

Sumo Paint – Paint cool pictures online
Picnik – Create, edit and manipulate photos online

News and Current Events for KIDS!

Dogo News – News and current events for kids
Time for Kids – Time Magazine for students
Scholastic News – Online news for students, topics by grade level
Weekly Reader – Weekly news topic, games and activities
National Geographic for Kids! – Videos, Stories and Activities from around the world
Science News For Kids! – Weekly science article, games, activities and more
United Nations Cyber Schoolbus – News and Information about Global Learning Projects
Social Studies for Kids – What’s going on in the world
CBBC Newsround – BBC news for kids!

Social Studies


Google Scribble Maps – Draw an Google maps
Interactive Map – Practice using ordinal directions and compass rose
Get Oriented – Practice using ordinal directions
Adventure Island – Learn about map key or legend
Family Adventure – Learn about maps, ancient cities and more
Map Games – Test your geography knowledge


Kiswahili Dictionary – Translate words from English to Kiswahili
Mwana Simba – Kiswahili Resourse Links
Kiswahili Grammar – Lessons and Resources for using correct Grammar in Kiswahili

Homework HELP!

Kid’s AOL Homework Help Jr. – Homework resources for kids

Internet Safety

NetSmartz – Be safe online with Clicky and the NetSmartz Kids
Kidsmart – Helping kids be smart about using the Internet

Other Resources

Purple Mash (No Login Required) – 2Simple online resources
Purple Mash (IST Login – Save your work) – 2Simple online resources
BrainPoP Jr. – A fun way to learn with movies, games and activities
Multiple Intelligences – What kind of learner are you?
Kideos – Videos Online just for Kids
UClick Go Comics – Calvin and Hobbes (and many other comics online)

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