2N presents The Digestive System


Grade 2N – The Buzzing Bees has been working on the following stop-motion animation project of the digestive system in class.

First we began by tracing an outline of our friend “Alma” then all students worked to create the various parts of the digestive system to be included on our poster. Students were then asked to move pieces of food through the system while Mr. McKillip took photos of each step. Through shared writing, we as a class wrote the script to describe the steps involved in digestion.

Finally, students used microphones to read aloud the script we created to describe the whole process. We hope you enjoy, thanks to Mr. McKillip for all his help, it was lots of fun!

2L Digestive System Animation Project


The Lively Ladybugs have been spending the past several weeks making an animated movie about the digestive system. Since Chisha, one of our classmates, was preparing to move to Dubai, we used his face and body outline as our template. We made each of the organs of the digestive system and glued them onto Chisha’s body. Mr. McKillip came into our classroom and helped us take more than 100 pictures as we moved a little piece of paper food though the digestive system. All of the pictures were put together and made into a ‘stop-motion’ animated movie. We worked with Miss Lane on a shared writing activity to explain what happens to food when you eat it. Then Mr. McKillip brought a microphone into our classroom and helped us record. We combined this audio recording with the pictures and now we have a complete animated video. Check it out!

Biff! Bang! Pow! – Onomatopoeia


As part of our ongoing poetry unit, students have been exploring onomatopoeias. What is an onomatopoeia? An onomatopoeia is a word that is used to represent a noise or a sound.

Here are a couple of examples from Faris and Sage: