Talking About Blogs

Today during our ICT lab session we talked about blogs. We asked the following questions:

What is a blog?
What kinds of blogs are there?
What is the purpose of certain blogs?

We started our discussion looking critically at our own IST Grade 2 blog exploring the content, audience and purpose. Students were able to explain the purpose of our blog saying it is a way of communicating and sharing our work with our parents, families and friends.

Our Global Friends - The Smarties!

We decided to put into practice our communication options on our blog by paying a visit to our friends The Smarties – G2 in Australia. We read one of their posts about Reading Groups, Fluency and Rockmelons. We discussed the audience and purpose of their blog. We left the Smarties a group comment on their blog letting them know what we liked, what we learned and asked them a few questions knowing they will send us a reply.

We briefly talked about other types of blogs and what content or information student might find. We concluded the lesson by looking at other types of blogs like travel blogs, book and author blogs, etc. Students looked at the pictures/words from each blog and together we described the audience and purpose of each blog we visited.

We hope you enjoy reading blogs as much as we do!

IST Grade 2L


2 Responses to Talking About Blogs

  1. Elrad says:

    I liked world maths day.

  2. Smarties says:

    Dear IST Grade 2L,

    Thankyou for leaving a comment on our blog. We liked your post about blogging. We’re glad you like our blog.

    We have been learning about insects, symmetry and healthy foods and we like to show everyone what we know by writing about it on our blog.

    Mrs N says we might be doing a project with your class later in the term. We think that will be fun!

    Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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