This blog is dedicated to serving the children and families of IST Grade 2. The information placed herein is intended for students and families to use both at home and at school. IST Grade 2 teachers will be continually placing information and Internet links on this blog to communicate with students and their families about classroom and school events, activities and general news. Students, parents, family members and friends are invited to comment and add to the information placed here. However, all outside comments and information will be subject to administrative/teacher approval before being made public.

Thank you for your support.

The IST Grade 2 Team

4 Responses to About

  1. Ms.Cahusac says:

    We have awarded your blog an EDUCATIONAL BLOGGING AWARD! Please see our recent post in the Eagle Nest for details and instructions. It is now your turn to pass along the award to 10 blogs of your choice!

    Thanks for being part of a great year in blogging. Our class has loved being connected to you 🙂

    Ms. Cahusac

  2. Mrs. Harju says:

    Thank you for visiting our blog. We are excited to learn about your students, your school and what life in Tanzania is like. We have added you to our blogroll. We plan to visit often!
    (And we did not win the video contest, but we had fun making the video anyway!)

  3. Ms. Cahusac says:

    Hello classroom bloggers!

    We are a Grade 5 class from Hong Kong and we’re called the 5E Eagles. We’ve just created a links section on our Grade 5 class blog called “Our Global Community” 🙂

    We’re writing you today because we like your blog(s) and so we’ve added you to our Global Community list. We’ve either found you through Twitter, The EduBlog Challenge or because you’re already a contact of Ms. Cahusac.

    Come and check us out or look at some of the other classes which are listed.

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