A list of Internet Resources to support IST Grade 2 Curriculum for Parents:


Reading Rocket – An online resource for reading at school and at home
Learning Links – Things you can do to help your child become a better reader

Mr. McKillip’s Grade 2 Classroom Library – Look online at the classroom selection of books and help your child select a text as a home reader


Everyday Math – Free family resources for Everyday Math
IXL Math – A list of grade 2 skills and samples for standards based Maths


Lego Creator – Students can have fun testing their building skills

Learning Resources at Home

Scholastic Parents – Articles, resources and activities to help your child

Free/Open Source Educational Software


Tux 4 Kids – Download free Tux Paint, Math and Typing
OpenOffice – Free and open resource for desktop productivity
NeoOffice – Free office applications for Mac OS X
OOo4Kids – Free word processing application made for kids!
Lego Digital Designer – Download this free program and start designing
Phun – The 2D physics sandbox, a fun way for students to create


Zoho – Free online resource for desktop productivity
Google Apps – Free online resource for desktop productivity

Online Articles and Resources

Great Schools – Resources and articles for involved G2 parents
Ontario Ministry of Education – Links for parents

Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet

KidSmart – Ideas and resources about Internet use and safety
NeSmartz – Learning activities to facilitate discussions with children about Internet safety

4 Responses to Parents

  1. Mehaar says:

    This website is really good. Even parents can look at what we are doing in school.

  2. kritttika says:

    Grade 2 has the most fun games on the Internet.
    Thank you so much!!!


  3. Amy says:

    Hi, I really like the Grade 2 website. However, like many other sites, I forget that it is there. Have you thought about sending a broadcast email to all Gr 2 parents when you post new stuff? Or maybe a weekly email reminder? You could put a link to the site in the email. I would visit the site more often if reminded of it.

    Amy (Nik’s mom)
    Also — info about Lara out of date; need to change to Tima?

    • Hi Amy,

      Thanks for the comment and suggestions.
      You can sign up for updates via “entries rss” if you want to be notified of changes on our blog.

      I have been meaning to update the changes for Ms. Tima – Thanks for the reminder.

      –Mikey 🙂

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