World Maths Day 2012


World Maths Day is the world’s largest education event where students (aged 4-18) compete in real time against other students from around the world playing mental arithmetic games on the World Maths Day website. World Maths Day encourages students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to have a go at maths in a fun, interactive and accessible way. Best of all participation in World Maths Day is free – all you need is Internet access –

World Maths Day is a part of the World Education Games. These games provide an opportunity for our students to practice Spelling, Maths and even Science.

The dates of competition are:
World Spelling Day – 6 March 2012
World Maths Day – 7 March 2012
World Science Day – 8 March 2012

Last year we had a fantastic turn out for World Maths Day 2011. We will again focus on World Maths Day but this time as an all school event. This year we have added World Spelling Day as an option. Mrs. McKillip has already started practicing with Team Twiga, her after school activity group.

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Students have been given unique username and password information (allowing students access to World Maths, Spelling and Science). Students have started practicing for World Maths Day at school and they are encouraged to also practice at home (if Internet is available). Practice games are now available (for Maths, Spelling and Science) and can be played until the events take place.

The World Maths Day competition starts Tuesday March 6 at 2.00pm (GMT+3) running 48 hours (time for March 7th to start and finish all around the world). On March 7th, in addition to Math activities in the classroom and in the ICT labs, IST parents have volunteered fun Math activities for students during break times. As a community we hope to make March 7th a true World Maths Day experience for all.

You are invited to join Mr. McKillip in the IST Elementary Open Lab, Tuesday, February 28 at 8.00am for a hands-on introduction to World Maths Day and other World Education Games. You will have the opportunity to play these games, competing against other adults and teachers to support student learning.

Medea Awards – Grade 2 Animation Projects


Congratulations Grade 2! Our Human Body Animations have been selected as Medea Award ‘Highly Commended’!

“The aim of the MEDEA Awards is to encourage innovation and good practice in the use of media (audio, video, graphics and animation) in education. The awards also recognise and promote excellence in the production and pedagogical design of media-rich learning resources.”

Last year, Grade 2 students worked with Mr. McKillip and their homeroom teachers to create stop-motion animation projects. As part of our PYP Unit of Inquiry ‘Inside Me – The Human Body’ students learned about their body systems and how each system works/interacts with each other. Each of our four grade 2 classes created their own animation project.

Students learned facts about the digestive system. Students explored the digestive system individually and as a group helping to plan and create their collaborative animation movie. Students created props and animated or moved food through the digestive system by taking a picture for each frame of this animation. Students worked in small groups to explain the digestive process creating scripts. Students read scripts aloud recording their voice to explain the animated process of food being absorbed into the body through the digestive system.

Students from each class explained the process of this project in a brief introduction on our Grade 2 Blog. Each class has a separate post. After completing the animation and viewing, students reflected on the project via comments on our Grade 2 Blog. These comments can be viewed by clicking on the individual posts for each class project.

2N presents The Digestive System

2L Digestive System Animation Project

2W Movie Project: “Journey to the Center of the Toilet”

2P Digestion Animation Project

Click the link to view all of the Grade 2 Digestive System Animation Projects.

Click the link to view the official Medea Awards 2011 press release.

2L Loves to Blog


As a follow up to our Talking About Blogs lesson in the lab a week ago, Grade 2L decided to try writing our own material for our blog. We learned how to write a blog entry called a ‘post’. We wrote one as a class before getting to try writing one out ourselves. Each classmate shared his/her blog post and we voted on our two favorites below.

I.S.T. Gives

by Sara

In Dar two weeks ago bombs went off by the airport because of a fire. People’s homes that were near the airport were destroyed. Now I.S.T. is trying to help by giving people supplies like dried food, pillows, blankets and clothes. Things are brought into school and then taken to those who need them.

All About Twist

by Tabitha

Hello. My school has a very special twiga named Twist, and Twist helps everyone take care of each other. When we see him we give him a hug. He is very cute and comes into classrooms to visit for a week.