EAL Poetry Writing


The Grade 2 EAL children have learned that writing poetry is a way to express emotions and feelings, using their 5 senses. The children tried to express these feelings and emotions by using descriptive words. (adjectives)

Observations in the IST garden, oral feedback about their thoughts and writing several drafts were part of the process. The final project was made from a painting that was scanned on the computer. Students used a program called Doozla to add their words to the paintings.

These posters are also up on the wall next to the staffroom.

Enjoy reading their poems about our IST garden!

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A Writing Celebration!


Grade 2N students celebrate writing with parents!

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On the first day of school, students wrote a story about a moment from their holidays. After weeks of teaching and learning students were asked to revise and edit their work. Students were then asked to finish and publish their stories. For our celebration, students collected their first piece of writing, drafts (including revisions and edits) along with their published work to show and celebrate how they have developed as emerging authors.

Grade 2N received an overwhelming turn out. Many parents, family members and IST teachers joined in the celebration to support Grade 2 students in their journey as writers.

Thank you everyone for your support!

2N the Buzzing Bees

Maasai and I Unit from 2S


Small Maasai Moments

One day in class, Miss Schrader called us to the carpet so we could explain how we would describe a Maasai gourd, necklace and clothes with words like shining, silky and yellow.

After that we were all allowed to write a story with ourselves as a Maasai and you could choose what Maasai tool you like for it.

Here is my details brainstorm and my story.

By Arthur, Grade 2S