Upcoming Assembly


This Friday, the 14th of September, Grade 2 will be hosting the junior assembly. The details are as follows:

Start time: 7.20

Place: The Elementary Hall

We are asking that students wear a red, yellow or green t-shirt (preferably plain) with their sport shorts on that day. Ms. Perera’s class have been asked to dress in the colours of their national flag. If they do not have these colours then they too are encouraged to wear a red, yellow or green t-shirt.

We are warmly encouraging parents and guardians who do not have commitments to attend, however understand if you are unable to do so.

We hope to see you there!

Exploring Signs and Symbols


Grade 2 students continue to explore Signs and Symbols as a means of communication.

In the ICT Lab students have been using the interactive website Color in Motion to inquire how color is used to communicate in many different ways. Grade 2 invites you to explore the world of colors with them.

From Field to Table Rap


This is a rap that I created all by myself. I created this rap to help teach people about fair trade. I want factory owners to treat farmers of bananas and other foods fairly and give them enough money. I like listening to rap. My favorite rapper is Soldier Boy. He is cool and he inspired me to make this rap for school.

Sixtus, Grade 2P