Current Events

Find out what Current Events are happening this week from IST Grade 2…

What is a Current Event? A Current Event is something that is happening somewhere in the world NOW! Current Events are news stories that include a title, author, and date of publication. Grade 2 students are doing more than just looking up information, they are asking, “What is happening in our world TODAY?”

Each week two students choose an article to present from newspapers, magazines and Internet sites. Students read the article and then use our Current Events Note Taking Form to answer questions like Who, What, When, Where and Why. Students include their opinion about the article and then present their information to the rest of the class.

This week Koby shared with us an article titled Boy, 7, Saves Family by Dialing 911 from Social Studies for Kids online.

Koby explained to the class that, “A seven year old boy named Carlos made an emergency phone call by dialing 911 to save his parents from armed robbers.”

Koby felt that this article was important because, “It shows how emergency numbers such as 911 are useful.” Koby finished his presentation by stating, “If people are being robbed, we should help them by also calling 911.”


Diya shared with the class an interesting and a bit scary article titled, Girl Survives Sting by World’s Deadliest Jellyfish from the Telegraph online.

Diya stated that, “Rachel Shardlow, a 10 year old Australian girl, survived after being stung extensively by Box Jellyfish. She was swimming in the Calliope River in Queensland, Australia when the Box Jellyfish stung her. Her brother pulled her to the shore where she became unconscious for half an hour.” Diya continued by saying, “She was treated for six weeks. She suffered short term memory loss and she developed scars of the tentacles on her limbs.”

Diya explained to the class that this article is important because, “People stung by Box Jellyfish can die within three minutes! Rachel’s survival will give scientists clues as to how they can help other people who are stung by the Box Jellyfish.” Diya finished her presentation stating, “I think it is a miracle the Rachel is still alive even though she was badly stung by the deadly Box Jellyfish.”

Diya used the following slides to share information about her article and teach us more about the Box Jellyfish.

For more information about Box Jellyfish:

National Geographic – Box Jellyfish
ThinkQuest – Poisonous Plants and Animals


Thank you Koby and Diya for presenting your articles to the class. Both students answered questions and accepted constructive feedback from their audience at the conclusion of their presentation.

2 Responses to Current Events

  1. groverkc says:

    I can not imagine that jellyfish can be so lethal! Thanks to Diya for giving so much important information.

  2. The Smarties says:

    Hello IST Grade 2,

    It was interesting to read about your current affairs this week. We agree with Koby. It’s very important to know the emergency number. Did you know that in Australia, we don’t call 911? We call 000 instead.

    It was also great to read about Diya’s news. The Box Jellyfish is just one of dangerous animals you could find in Australia! Luckily, it’s rare to come across them and they don’t usually visit the west coast, where we live.

    Thankyou for leaving a comment on our post about our capital city, Canberra. Not even Mrs N knew that Dodoma is the capital of Tanzania. She learned something too!

    You are learning some very interesting things about the human body. Did you know that your thumb is the same length as your nose?

    Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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