Vote For Us – PBS Innovation Award


IST Grade 2 is in the running for the 2010 PBS Innovation in Teaching Award for our Simple Machine – Rube Goldberg Project and our attempts at connecting others to our little corner of the world at IST in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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Blog Buddies! Inquiry Learning


Blog Buddies – Making Global Connections!

IST Grade 2 has been fortunate enough to make friends with Ms. Teri Gragg and her students at Brigantine Public Elementary School, New Jersey, USA. Ms. Gragg is an Art teacher and Technology enthusiast. She had a wonderful idea to set up a blog for her students to post pictures and ask questions to share information about their school and find out more about other schools around the world. Her students have connected with countries such as Switzerland, Spain, England, New Zealand, Canada and of course Tanzania!

We will continue answering the many questions Brigantine Elementary students have for us living here in Tanzania and we will post a few questions for them as well to find out what it is like to live in New Jersey, USA.

Celebrate World Maths Day!


Congratulations on a new World Record!
1,133,246 students and 56,082 schools from 235 countries have united to set a new world record by correctly answering 479,732,613 questions.

Wow! Students are exhausted after 48 hours of pure Maths driven determination to succeed. After competing in World Maths Day 2010 students received certificates of participation and a feeling of satisfaction that they participated in a very cool world wide event.

IST Grade 2m World Maths Day 2010 results:

After reviewing our result, students reflected upon their experience:

World Maths Day was so much fun! We enjoyed competing against other students from other countries and sometimes we even competed against other students from our own class. We felt that we all learned more Maths and became a little better at solving Maths problems. We enjoyed playing the games both at school and at home. We worked together, we did our very best and even though we did not reach our goal of 20,000 correct answers, we came very close AND we had fun! We can’t wait until next year and until then we are going to continue practicing in order to get better at our Maths.

“World Maths Day was so much fun! We almost reached our goal, we were so close. I tried my best to help my class reach our goal.” – Said

“You can dress yourself up (your avatar) and play with other students from other countries. Our teacher was even playing with other teachers! In the beginning it sounded kind of boring but it was so so fun!” – Aliyah

“I want to do World Maths Day again because people can learn more and get better at Maths. I think the whole world should do World Maths Day!” – Koby

“World Maths Day was by far the best Maths I have done in my life! I am going to keep playing and practicing. I am so glad that we got to play and learn at school and at home. I can’t wait until next year!” – Talin

Thank you World Maths Day – for helping us learn!