Visit To The Azam Factory


During our unit on How We Organise Ourselves, students learned about part of the food industry process by visiting the Azam juice factory. They observed the steps from mango pulp to mango juice. They saw the ingredients being mixed together at the beginning to finished juice boxes being loaded onto trucks at the end. Students reflected on what they learned from visiting the factory.




Grade 3 Business Fair


Grade 3 Business Fair

Portfolios and Action



Today your child will bring home their portfolio to share with you. It will come with a letter that explains the purpose.  Your child has worked hard at selecting work to include and have filled in their own slips starting with sentences such as “I am proud of this work because…”, “I have shown improvement in…”. Some children have chosen work that they found particularly challenging and therefore may not be correct. Please leave this work as your child will be able to reflect on it later in the year. The portfolios are due back to school on Wednesday/Thursday.


Dear Parents,

In PYP, ACTION is something students do/say without any prompting or questioning from adults and it is directly related to what they are learning in school. It really shows what the student has learned, valued or internalized during a unit. However, many “actions” happen at home, which is why we are posting this to you. We are writing this early in the unit, so that you know what your child is learning in school during the next few weeks.

Our Unit of Inquiry on ‘How We Organise Ourselves’ started last week. Please help us know about your child’s thinking and learning better by staying connected!

This UOI focusses on Human made systems help us to organize ourselves and impact our lives.

Please remember: ACTION is NOT:

  • recalling a lesson out of context (without a real life reason).
  • an answer to your questions.
  • a recount/list of what he learned.
  • explaining what a word/term means


Mom: What did you learn about your identity?

Child: I learned that I am a Cross Culture Kid (CCK).

ACTION is something that your child does WITHOUT any prompting/questions from you. It is usually a natural reaction/response to a spontaneous situation.

Eg: Your child saying to you one day: “saying please and thank you” or “being honest” are good ways to show respect……….

This shows he is thinking about and reflecting on what he is learning in school.


During a fight, your child shows you a sign and describes the meaning of the images  – and this is something they had never done before.

In order to get a better idea as to how students ‘take action’ as a result of their learning, please send us a quick email to the homeroom teacher, explaining what he/she said or did, even if it’s a small thing:

  • Function:
  • Connection:
  • Causation:
  • System:
  • Fair Trade:
  • Adopting to a variety of roles:

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!

The Grade 2 Team