May the FORCE be with you…


Grade 2 are having a ball with our new unit ‘May the FORCE be with you!’ The students are exploring the central idea ‘People use their knowledge of forces and energy to change the amount of work that they do’.

All the classes are super excited about this unit and have already conducted an experiment or two investigating the impact that forces, and the way in which people use them, affect the world around them.

Here is a preview of some of the things that the Firefly scientists worked on last week …

Minibeasts Up Close


On the weekend, Felix’s little brother and dad, found a dead butterfly. They carefully placed it in a box and allowed Felix to bring it to school to show.

We asked Mr. McKillip to help us to see this butterfly up close.

Mr. McKillip came to our classroom with a digital overhead and a microscope that we could view on the smartboard.

With the microscope we could see things that we couldn’t see with just our eyes.

We saw:
• The scales on the wings
• The proboscis (tongue) rolled up tight
• The huge compound eyes
• The jointed spiky legs
• The pollen on the legs
• The hairy body

It was an amazing experience.

Written by the students of Grade 2P

Minibeasts and Me


This week is the beginning of our next unit of inquiry, Minibeasts and Me.

Our Central Idea:
“Humans rely on invertebrates for our survival, but we have the ability to affect their survival.”

Our Key Concepts:
Form – How are invertebrates similar and different to us?
Change – How are humans changing the invertebrates’ environment?
Connection – Are we dependent on invertebrates? If so, why and how?

This unit will be filled with minibeast hunts; exploring, observing and recording. We’ll discuss in detail about the connection between humans and minibeasts. Students are encouraged to find creatures around the house or at the beach too!