Open House


It was fantastic to see so many families attend the Open House event. We thoroughly enjoyed speaking to all those who attended. For those who were unable to make it, here is the slideshow presentation that was presented in Grade 2. Enjoy!

Grade 2 Healthy Heart Week Wrap-Up


On Tuesday, we did the relay race with our friends. When we work together, exercise can be fun for everyone!

On Wednesday, during our morning run, when people had a cramp they did not give up. Everyone did a great job running and helping each other.

On Thursday, we did mountain climbing! Everyone cheers for you! Our hearts are healthier because we are exercising everyday!

On Friday, we liked doing the different aerobic activities like jumping on the ladders, running around the cones, skipping ropes and doing push-ups on the mat. We had so much fun this week. The Healthy Heart Week should be everyday!

written by Talin, Insiyah, Yusra and Bertha

Introducing The Lively Ladybugs!


imagesWe are excited to be in grade two because we are bigger than we were in grade one. This year is a little bit harder than last year was. We are already learning a lot in math using number lines. We are becoming fluent readers when we read to ourselves each day. We are learning about the world as we study minibeasts, animals without backbones.

We are having a lot of fun so far this year. We love our big, bright, and fun classroom. We also make sure our classroom stays safe by walking and keeping our chairs pushed in. We work hard to respect our classmates and treat each other the way we want to be treated. We are all good friends and help each other feel better when we are sad or lonely.

We are excited to get our classroom marble jar filled; then we get a surprise! We can’t wait for activities to start. It will be a fantastic year!

Written by the students of Grade 2L with Ms. Lane