Raz Kids – Reading


Dear Parents,

Raz Kids is an online reading program. Children can use this site independently at home to practice reading. If you think your child could benefit from this please contact me at lperera@istafrica.com. Please feel free to check out the website at  www.raz-kids.com.
The Grade Two Team




Dear Parents,

We are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of IST this year and after successful musical performances like “Jungle Book”, “Cinderella” and “Dig It!”,  the IST Elementary School will be performing the musical “Pirates of the Curry Bean” in February 2013.  True to tradition, the proceeds of this evening will be donated to a school endorsed community engagement projects.  This year’s projects include Kindwitwi School, with which IST has close ties and the IST Bookclub Initiative, a homegrown community project to provide local primary schools with quality reading books (see info sheet).

To give our participating students (80 children between the age of 6 and 11) an optimal experience on a good stage, using professional light and sound equipment and due to high temperatures in our own school hall, we are once again keen on renting the Little Theatre for our performances.  They charge a standard fee for using the premises to practice, as well as a set fee per performance.

Should you or your company be interested in sponsoring, please contact Ellen Claessens (eclaessens@istafrica.com ) and she will email you more information.  All sponsorship should be finalized by December.

Looking forward to hearing from you and receiving a positive response,

The Musical Team

Wacky Week


IST is having a Wacky Week. This event is happening on the last week of school. This event is packed with four days of fabulous fun!

We have:
1. Crazy hat and hair day on Tuesday
2. Dress as an Adult Day on Wednesday
3. Pajama Day on Thursday (Don’t come in your panties!)
4. Free Dress Day on Friday

Golden Rules
1. Whatever you wear, your costume can’t be offensive to anything or anybody.
2. Your outfit can’t get in the way of your work.
3. No matter what, you have to have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

What: Wacky Week
When: Last four days of school
Where: At school
Who: Everyone
Why: TO HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the Elementary Student Action Council