Narrative Writing

Brainstorming and Drafting

Grade 2 students have been working hard on their narrative (story) writing skills. The purpose of a narrative is to entertain the reader. In groups, students brainstormed creative settings, characters, problems and solutions. After working in their small groups student were prepared to choose an idea for his/her own narrative story.  You can encourage your child to continue to write creative stories at home.

IMG_2026Independent Writing

Revising Ideas

After drafting, students were taught a lesson on revising. Below you will see one class’ lesson on the process of revising. There are many ways to revise writing (even art). This class chose to practice revising a clay creature and how they can make their final piece better by revising. It is important to remember that revising can be adding details,changing ideas/organisation and/or deleting information that distracts the reader.

IMG_2037Process of Revising


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