Invitation -Building home school partnerships

Dear Parents

We have now started our new unit under the transdisciplinary theme- Who We Are and our central idea is   – Understanding our identities helps us to understand and respect others.
We will be exploring our self-identity as we are tuning in to the unit. At this stage Grade 2 teachers would like to invite various parents /grandparents to come in with artifacts, stories, food, fashion, folktales, pictures or anything that helps the children visualize the similarities and differences in cultures that we bring into our classrooms. This will help our students understand the various perspectives of individuals in a community.

If you would like to volunteer to come in as guest speaker in to child’s classroom between 23 October and 01 November at a time convenient to you, kindly let your child’s class teacher know so that we can schedule you in. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to email your teacher and we can set aside a time.
This unit will indeed be an exciting one as we explore ourselves, eventually begin to empathize with the others and respect them!!

Grade Two team


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