Vision and Hearing Screening at IST Elementary

Why Screening Is So Important

Very few children complain about vision or hearing problems because they have no way of knowing that their vision/hearing is not normal. To them, it is “normal” because it is the only vision/hearing they have ever known. Most parents are  comfortable with the thought that their child’s primary care physician will discover any eye or hearing problems but unfortunately, this is not always the case. School screening programs can help detect these serious problems.

So school-age hearing/vision screenings are an integral tool in identifying children with hearing/vision difficulties who were not identified at birth, lost to follow-up, or who developed these difficulties later. Without routine screening in schools, students with hearing/vision difficulties may not be identified or will be misdiagnosed and managed.

Therefore, the IST Elementary Student Services team, in collaboration with the nurses, has organized:

  • Vision screening for all students EC-G5
  • Hearing screening for EC and KG students, as well as some students in G1-G5 that teachers are concerned about.

This screening will happen during school time under supervision of the classroom teacher.

Vision screeningOctober 1-10, 2013

Hearing screeningsometime after December break.  We will keep you posted on the dates.

Vision Screening (EC-G5) scheduled for Oct. 1-10, 2013

The vision screening is the same as the normal vision tests used by an optometrist : both eyes are tested separately, reading from a card at 6 meters distance. If indicated,  color vision can be tested as well.

Parent notification

Each student that has been screened will receive a note that same week, indicating whether

O No concerns were found

O We have some concerns about your child’s vision/hearing

Please be on the look-out for these notes during this time period.  Should concerns be indicated, we strongly urge you to have your child further tested by health care professionals in Dar or abroad as soon as possible.  The Student Services department will follow up on this later this school year.

Thank you for your cooperation and don’t hesitate to contact should you have any questions.


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