September Field Trip

Dear Parents,

As part of our unit on How We Express Ourselves we have organized a field trip to Buguruni Deaf School. Our central idea is Signs and symbols can be used to communicate a message. The focus of the day is to observe and reflect on how hard of hearing students use non-verbal communication when learning.

Classes will be going on the following days accompanied by 3 teaching assistants and their respective teacher:

  1. Friday 20th Ms Louise Perera
  2. Monday 23rd Mrs Shannon Gorse
  3. Tuesday 24th Ms Alefiyah Adamjee
  4. Friday 27th Ms Rehana Jasani

All classes will leave after snack and will be back in time for lunch, if traffic permits.

Please read the risk assessment letter and fill out the slip below and return it back to school by Tuesday 17th September.

Practice Makes Perfect:

Help your child to practice sign his/her name at home using the chart below. 



One Response to September Field Trip

  1. Tammy says:

    My son LOVED this field trip. Well done grade 2.

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