Grade 5 PYP Final Exhibition News

The Final Exhibition projects are in full swing and there is a general buzz of excitement in the air as students plan each of the components that comprise their exhibition projects. Some of the groups are aiming to raise money in order to fund various causes related to their projects. In previous years, students have sold these items at the exhibition. In order to maintain a spirit of raising awareness rather than raising money, students will not sell anything during the Final Exhibition on May 10th and 11th.

Instead, students will have an opportunity to raise money for their causes during first break on Friday 4th May and Monday 7th May. Some students will have a bake sale, but other items related to their inquiries may also be for sale. Since students are still in the planning stages, the details remain a mystery! Grade 5 students are not obligated to participate. In fact, some students are focusing more on personal action. If you are interested in supporting the Grade 5 causes, please bring money to school on Friday May 4th and Monday May 7th.

To learn more about this year’s Grade 5 PYP Final Exhibition Projects go to the IST Grade 5 Blog.


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