Signs and Symbols Assembly

Grade 2 students share what they have learned from their current unit of inquiry about Signs and Symbols.

This term Grade 2 has hosted two junior assemblies. The first was conducted by 2H and 2S and was based on our last unit of Inquiry ‘Step Up to the Plate’. Both grades worked incredibly hard creating role plays and practicing songs to demonstrate their new understandings.

Then 2P and 2L presented a fantastic assembly about our current unit of Inquiry ‘Signs and Symbols’. These classes went to a great deal of effort researching and sharing their new knowledge about a variety of signs and symbols from different places and cultures.

All four classes had a great time preparing and preforming for their assemblies.


One Response to Signs and Symbols Assembly

  1. Joey melville intermediate New Zealand says:

    hi my name is Joey from Melville Intermediate School and i really liked the pink microphone. plus your school sounded really big.

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