Tanzania’s Independent

Fifty years ago the British left Tanzania where they were ruling. (but that doesn’t mean that that all British are mean.) Before the British, Germany ruled Tanzania. There was a war and a witch doctor said that if you put river water on yourself the bullets would turn to water, the Tanzanian people believed and they tried it, but it didn’t work. When the British were ruling, Tanzanians were poor. Fifty years ago, Tanzania got their independence. President Nyerere was Tanzania’s first president, he went to see the British Queen to tell her that Tanganyikans were ready to rule Tanzania themselves. Before independence, our country was two separate countries, Zanzibar and Taganyika, when they came together they took the TAN from Tanganyika, the ZAN from Zanzibar. This was a great thing because Tanzanians got their independence, they could rule their own country and have their rights.

By G2S


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