A Letter From Santa

Santa needs your kindness

Dear Girls and Boys,

Here at IST it’s that time of the year to show that you have a big heart and do care!

So look ‘round the house and find a gently used toy. Write on it the age and whether for a boy or a girl.

You can also bring in a gently used picture book. Just don’t forget to tell your parents which one you took!

Wrap it up nicely, perhaps a ribbon on top. And bring it to our own little Santa’s Helpers Shop.

From December 5 to December 15 we’ll collect every toy and take them to an orphanage to bring some joy.

For that one toy your bring from your enormous pile, is sure to make at least one child smile!

Santa’s Helpers Shops this year:

EC-KG Quad: Ms. Kate Gunn
G1-G2 Quad: Ms. Callie Lane
G3-G4-G5 Quad: Ms. Robin LeRosen

Please be reminded that we are collecting gently used toys. No child enjoys playing with toys /books that are broken or have parts missing.

Christy Heitmiller,
IST Elementary Community Service Coordinator


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