Student’s Independent Artwork for Yearbook

It has been our tradition to accept student’s independent artwork for yearbook. If your children love to create any kinds of visual art, they might be interested in publishing their work in our yearbook.

All student’s independent artwork is welcome. We cannot guarantee that we’ll publish every piece but we’ll try our best. We especially welcome artwork that supports our yearbook theme, which is “Where Diversity Meets Inspiration” but that is NOT a requirement.

Submission can be made by one of the methods below:

  1. Digital artwork can be emailed directly to me, either with the link to the web where the artwork is saved or as an attachment. My email address is “”  (Please see the requirement for digital artwork*)
  2. Drop off the artwork at my desk. The ICT office is right behind the computer labs.

Student’s independent artwork must be original and can be in any forms of visual art such as sketching, drawing, painting, digital (photographs of artwork, etc) or multimedia (e.g. paper marche, clay, etc.) That is our only requirement for submission.

*Digital artwork must be at least 2MB in size.

The submission deadline is by the end of January 2012.


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