Is that Fair?

As we learned about the process of getting bananas, chocolate and other goods from the Field to the Table we wondered what it feels like for the people involved in this process. Some simulation games quickly ignited a sense of activism in students who had to play the laborers unprotected by Fair Trade laws. We made a Fair Trade agreement to bring our simulations to justice, but that wasn’t enough, we decided to change our ways as consumers. Here is the campaign launched by our budding  Fair Trade activists:

“If you don’t know about fair trade look around the elementary ist school for fair trade posters. They’ll tell you all about fair trade. My friends called Arran, Arthur, Aliyyun, Ethan and Joshua are putting fair trade posters around the elementary ist school. And now the hole class is doing it. We”ve done alot of hard work on it. So we are famous around the school no just joking buy Fair Trade”                 Ethan and Arran


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