After seeing how things grow in the ground, second graders got the rare opportunity to visit a shipping yard and see how our goods are prepared for transport. We saw 20 foot shipping containers, got inside of a refrigerated container for food, watched bales of raw cotton being unloaded by hand from a truck to a shipping container and got to run amidst a 5 million dollar load of sheet copper. Inch by inch and kilo by kilo we are learning that a lot of hard work goes into the complex process of getting goods from field to table.

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2 Responses to Shipping

  1. Mrs Monaghan says:

    What a really interesting trip that must have been – you are really lucky to have an opportunity to see how things start their journey to shops and supermarkets on the other side of the world! In our class we have been learning about Fair trade, and talking about how bananas, sugar, chocolate and rice get from the fields to our shelves – these pictures were really interesting for us! It helped to bring to life some of the things we have been talking about. Here in England it is really hard for us to visualise how the bananas buy in a plastic bag get to us, or the cotton of our shirts starts its life. What do you think had been transported in the food container? It looked a bit smelly!
    Mrs M & A Room with a View

  2. Wow Grade 2! It looks like you learned a lot about how raw materials and products are transported. Thanks for sharing your pictures and learning.

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