Second Grade Heads to the Fields!

In our current unit, Field to Table, we are exploring how the goods that we use every day go from raw materials, through a process, get traded and transported and end up ready for our consumption. Last week we began close to the ground with step one: growing raw materials. Farmer Frank from IST generously invited us to visit his fertile lands where we tasted, explored and harvested maize, papaya, pineapple, cassava, cucumber, basil, mchoche and cashew nuts. We also attempted to milk a cow (it is harder than you’d think!), saw chickens, ducks and turkeys, and coddled a pair of day old kids (baby goats!) After this trip we have a greater appreciation for how much care goes into growing the food that we eat and are grateful to be able to eat so close to the ground around here rather than being forced to consume chemically treated produce from the grocery store!

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