A note from the Learning Support Department

Dear Parents,

The Learning Support Department is trialing an Early Intervention Program in KG, G1 and G2.  This means that, besides helping students who are officially on our Learning Support Register, we will also be doing small group interventions.  For these interventions, small groups of students will be pulled out of class for 1-2 periods per week in collaboration with the classroom teacher.

They will receive intensive small-group support for a certain skill.  This could vary from a 1-2 week intervention to an intervention spread out over multiple weeks.  Children in the group can also vary from week to week (depending on the skill practiced).

Areas we aim to target include: fine motor skills, perceptual motor skills, specific math skills, reading comprehension or reading accuracy/fluency.

Should your child come home during the next months and mention that they were pulled out of class in a small group, this does not mean that they are in the Learning Support Program.  It simply means they are receiving some short term, targeted support in one of the above key areas.

Should you have any questions, please contact the classroom teacher.

KG, Grade One, Grade Two and Learning Support Team


One Response to A note from the Learning Support Department

  1. Janet Forbes says:

    Thank You for doing this, I think it is a fantastic idea. Janet Forbes

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