Math, Spelling and Buttons

Math and Spelling

In math we learned American money! We also learned adding and subtraction, it was fun! On spelling quizzes the words are sometimes easy or hard. I like the hard words, its fun sounding them out. Math is also fun!

By Yasmine and Jenn


When we get caught being the best students we can be, we get buttons. To get buttons you have to raise your hand and line up at the right time. We make a goal for how many buttons we should get in a week. When you  have got the goal there is this metal cup and you have to close your eyes and pick something out of the cup. When you have  your slip you get to hand it in and then you get to do what it says. The things inside of the metal cup are blue slips on each of them are writing like free home work pass or classroom assistant. It’s fun getting button everyone counts their buttons every day.

By Ethan and Jash


One Response to Math, Spelling and Buttons

  1. Susa Bharwani says:

    Thanks for the updates! It is always great to read the news on what’s happening in the classroom. Class 2S rules! Keep up the great work 🙂

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