Maasai Mess for 2S

Last week Jash’s mom came in and we made Maasai necklaces. I tried to make a small heart, but that didn’t go so well. Mine is unfinished so when I take a picture of my necklace it won’t look like its finished. It only has four parts of it that are finished. It is very colorul and it is very beautiful. I am really proud of it. Afterwards she handed out food and necklaces (acutal Maasai jewlery!)
by Teagan

We made necklaces out of beads and plates, my necklace had orange spots on it and a blue line of beads under it with a black stripe on the sides and a white stripe at the top. There were light blue spots under each black stripe.
by Joshua

We made necklaces that were rough and beaded and colorful.
by Nathan

Jash’s mom gave us each a necklace. She gave the girls a green and orange one and a gold and blue one for the boys. We also made one! Picture this in your mind: in the middle of it was blue, outside of the blue I did patterns of dark blue and black, light blue and orange and white. At the ends there was pink and green and all the colours on the middle edge. Have you pictured that? Because that’s my necklace!
by Laura


One Response to Maasai Mess for 2S

  1. Krupa (jash's mom) says:

    Grade 2s,
    You all were so creative… great learners, communicators and inquires …It was great working with you all !

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