Week 2 for Grade 2S

Grade 2S, The Fascinating Fireflies have been working hard to get to know each other and get used to being their best second grade selves. They have been doing some hard work in math, reading and writing and have begun a very exciting unit of inquiry “Massai and I.” I am very happy to have such an inquisitive and enthusiastic class! Please read on to hear about their week in their own words!
By Ms Schrader

Gr 2 Schrader is the best!
Today it was a fun day we made a book with stories, my title was Fester and Sedwick it was very very very fun and we turned the book into real books.
By Aliyyun

The I.S.Tn
Joshua found a big spider near EC. It was red, yellow, black and white. We did not know what type it was. We went on the Internet to find the name of the spider but we couldn’t find it. So we think we found a new type of spider. We hope you liked it. That spider is big also. It was really fun seeing it.
By Arran, Ethan and Joshua

Massai and I
We dressed up as Maasai. Everyone was different and unique. NO one was the same. Some people were wearing red material. Some wore green material. Some wore purple material and some wore blue material.
Our whole class has been doing research for Maasais and we had a box full of Maasai stuff like a kanga and a necklace and a bracelet and earrings that are as big as a necklace. Everyone wore Maasai stuff. You could even get jewelry, spears, shields and cowbells. It was really really really really fun.
By Laura and Isabel

We read about Maasai. I learned that they have a sort of red stuff that they rub on themselves. They shoot the women with arrows that are not sharp. They do it because that is how they win their rings.
By Kai

ICT and PE
We did PE and ICT and we went on the Grade 2 Blog. At ICT we used a Smart Board and we played games. At PE we practice catching balls.
By Nathan


4 Responses to Week 2 for Grade 2S

  1. Anne Schram says:

    Nice to read about the Golden Orb Spider. The big one is actually the female. You may see a tiny baby spider in the same web: that is the male. Eventually the female will eat him. Poor guy!

    A nice experiment is to make a loud noise close to the web. About as loud as closing a car door. What do you see? Does the IST Golden Orb react?


  2. Teagan Lacoste says:

    I’ve really had fun so far this year. Ms. Schrader is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She’s really smart and really caring.

  3. shirley schrader says:

    What a wonderfilled learning environment. Keep up the great work.
    Shirley Schrader

    • lschrader2 says:

      Thank you for such a great comment. We agree, it was very good. You are really kind. You are caring, helpful, courageous,inquisitive, committed, and unique. We called the spider the ISTn Golden Orb. It was exciting seeing the spider! Thank you for writing us a message, we will always reply. We liked your message. By the whole second grade class.

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