Karibuni to Grade 2

Tuesday August 9th 2011

Dear Parents,

Karibuni! – Welcome to Grade Two!

We are looking forward to a wonderful year at IST.  The Teachers in Grade Two this year are Louise Perera, Lara Nikitas, Christy Heitmiller and Leah Schrader. We are very excited to be working with you and your children.

The start of the new school year can be confusing, so a copy of your child’s class schedule will be sent home.  Place this somewhere prominent to use daily when preparing for school.

Please plan to attend our Open Parent Night on Wednesday 24th August at 3-5 pm. where many of your questions will be answered.

School Day

Our school day begins at 7.10am the school is supervised from 6.50am; no supervision is provided before that, so you may want to stay with your child or have another adult with them

The school day ends at 1.45pm.

Please pick up your child directly outside your child’s classroom. Should you wish to pick up your child in another location please write a note in the link book to inform the teacher so that all students go home safely. Please make sure that your child knows who will be picking him/her up each day and that you are all clear about where to meet. This will prevent any tears and confusion at the end of the day!



Snack and Lunch

There are two break times during the day. A five minute time slot will be allocated for the students to sit down in the classroom and have a supervised snack before first break.        Children who do not finish their snack during the allotted time are welcome to finish their snack outside on the picnic tables. Because of the hot climate, your child needs to drink plenty of water. Please have him/her bring in a water bottle every day. The children will keep the bottles in their classrooms so they can drink water as needed. The school provides water dispensers which are available to all students.

Lunch Recess is from 11.20 to 12.05pm. The first 20 minutes will be spent eating in supervised areas and for the remaining time children may go and play.

Please provide your child with a healthy snack and packed lunch.


The children are required to wear hats during outside playtime. Please ensure that your child has a hat labeled with his/her name—you will be amazed at our “Lost and Found” collection at the end of each term! The school follows a NO HAT NO PLAY policy. If they forget their hat, they will be asked to remain in a covered area during break.  Hats can be left in their classrooms at the end of each day.

Link Book/Communication

Your child will be given a folder that needs to come to school every day. Inside you will find your child’s personal link book. Please take some time to read the first pages in the link book. This book will be your key to instant access to the class teacher. If you have any questions or concerns, please write a note under the appropriate date. The class teacher will sign the book to show that your message has been received. Additionally, you can use the link book to request an appointment with the class teacher. Correspondence from the teacher will also be written in this book, so please try to check it daily. The folder is also used to send general school information and letters. Please fill in page 5 of the link book with your personal contact information.

Our first Unit of Inquiry is Maasai and I; this is a discovery into similarities and differences between the Maasai culture and the children’s own culture. If you have any expertise in the Maasai culture, please let us know, also if you have any Maasai artifacts that could be used in the classroom to spark interest and discovery, please send them in. We will treat them with utmost care and will return them once the unit is complete.

First Homework Assignment  Each student is to bring in ‘About Me’ items, two small objects from home that represent who they are and what they enjoy doing, and their favourite book. Each student will get the opportunity to share these things along with a brief explanation of each item with the class. Please bring these to school during this first week.

During the next two weeks we will focus on settling into our Grade Two routines and making sure that all the children new to IST are comfortable and happy in their new surroundings. We realize that they have made a big move, and we recognize the need to foster a warm and caring environment from which the children will gain the confidence to grow socially and academically.

We believe Grade Two is a very special year in your child’s education. We hope that the year proves to be productive, positive and fulfilling for your child and yourself. We look forward to working with you. If you have anything that you wish to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to call in and see your child’s teacher.

Warmest Regards,

The Grade Two Team


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