2L’s Special Surprise

2L has been doing an author study of Tomie dePaola throughout the year. Tomie has written over 210 books and is still publishing wonderful works across all genres. We have been focusing as a class on his books in the Strega Nona series, using these books for read alouds, reader’s response writing activities and in depth character studies.

We have spent class time exploring Tomie’s website www.tomie.com and his blog www.tomiesblog.blogspot.com. As part of our letter writing lessons in March, each student in 2L write a letter to Tomie. We shared information about ourselves, what we love about his books, questions we have and ideas for other books he could write.

Miss Lane recently received a very special package-mail from Tomie! The letter that he wrote to us is below. He also put pieces of a few of our letters on HIS blog; we were so excited! Check out his blog post on April 5th 2011 entitled Strega Nona’s Safari. As if that didn’t excite us enough, he sent a printed picture of himself and his dog, Bronte for each of us!

We are very excited that Tomie wrote to us and sent things all the way to Tanzania to us. We can’t wait to read more books that Tomie writes!


2 Responses to 2L’s Special Surprise

  1. Ms. Soukeina says:

    Congratulations Lively Ladybugs to have got such a lovely reply from a REAL author! I imagine you must have written some fantastic letters to have received such an interesting letter back, and with a photo too!
    Well done,
    Ms Soukeina

  2. Mrs. Lynch says:

    Dear 2L,
    Wow! Great work and congratulations for getting a personal letter from Tomie de Paola. I love his books and I am a big fan of his. You all deserved this great surprise.
    Mrs. Lynch in Quebec

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