The Wild Things have been busy front-loading knowledge on Mini Beasts (invertebrates) in preparation for future independent inquiries. Here they are attempting to categorize a range of mini beasts according to criterion agreed on by their groups. Below are some pictures of the activity and also a video link of Greyson explaining his groups thinking:




  1. tanaysaboo says:

    mini beasts is quiet an interesting topic….tanay is always enthu to get hold of one n has many interestin facts to tell or many ques to ask..tanay’s mum…

  2. Mr.Ben says:

    our class cant wait for the fieldtrip

  3. Mr.Ben says:

    Many students are in the final stages of the writing process, publishing some lovely stories they started with Miss Tamsyn in period 6 on Fridays.

  4. leena says:

    Today in pE we did gymnastic.
    It was fun and gnarly dudes.

  5. bwill123 says:

    What’s all this then? Looks like thinking!

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