We in the WILD THINGS had this really terrific idea to run a live blog on our class computer. From time to time students will take a minute to comment on what we are doing in the classroom. It’s a little experiment and hopefully it will be successful and bringall of you at home a little closer to 2W.

All you have to do is CLICK on COMMENTS to seewhat we have to say.



  1. Paras says:

    Today at school we were papermaching it was fun because the glue was slobbery and thick. Jack came to my house on Saturday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  2. Hi today we played the most best game of our lives.We played gramma games then pronouns.

  3. Arthur says:

    Goodmorning class 2W,
    Have a good time at art today….

  4. Meet says:

    Today at the conference my mom, dad and I wrote a poem

    • Hema (Paras' mum) says:

      Hey Meet, so glad you wrote a poem, why don’t you post the poem on this blog? Have a fun Friday !!!

  5. Meet says:

    I’m at student led conference with my mom and dad, enjoying it.

  6. stanley says:

    now on student led confrens me and my dad and my mom have had fun with the touch screen.

  7. Armaan says:

    the parent teacher confrence is very good me and my mom just played math games we played number grid and name that number

  8. Lea says:

    we are enjoying doing math in a group.

  9. Jack,Rod and Etta says:

    We are here at our student conference. Lots of great stuff!

  10. peter, becky and fiona says:

    Here we are at Fiona’s student led conference and it is really neat. We have liked it so far. The blog is really cool.

  11. mire says:

    Today we had our student led confrence.It was fun!

  12. muhammed kermali says:

    i like the topic minibeasts thats why i want to bring my fish

  13. muhammed kermali says:

    ilike the topic minibeasts thats why i want to bring my fish

  14. shabbar kermali says:

    muhammed tells me about minibeasts all the time

  15. Gisela says:

    Hi everyone, that sounds like a fun idea! Many greetings to the whole class from Arusha (cool, breezy evening, very different from Daressalam!)

  16. fiona says:

    we all are going to be experts on sponges!

  17. Arthur says:

    Goodmornig Wild things,

    I am looking forward to see Keema tomorrow….

  18. Greyson says:

    Good morning grade 2! Have a great day

  19. keema says:

    i can’t wait for the student led confrences and see every one again!!

  20. fiona says:

    today we went to I.T.we played a realy fun mini beast game!you had to find mini beasts and send the pictures you took to the vertrul zoo it is on a far away planet in the future.

  21. Heather says:

    Hi Class 2W, I am looking forward to the student-led conference tomorrow to see what you have been doing. Have fun sharing your work with your parents!

  22. Alta Pelser says:

    Congratulations with your blog 2W. Hope you have great fun with your mini beasts unit. Carla told me about the sea sponge and even I have learnt something new!

  23. mire and carla says:

    Today we did some realy fun things about sea sponges at school.

  24. mire and carla says:

    Today we did some realy fun things about sea sponges at school.We had a fun day today.have a tottaly fun day!!!!!!!!

  25. Greyson says:

    At the start of our new unit we had to pretend there were no humans on the earth.After that Mr.Ben told us that 30 years ago,on the pininchela there were lions,and it was dangerous to go out at night or you’ll get eaten by the lions. BEWARE!

  26. fiona says:

    today we did kiswahili we played a teatcher game.you had to be a teacher and have the other people guess witch teatcher you are.

  27. Greyson says:

    Grade2 is starting a new unit of iquiry called…
    minibeasts!I can tell it is going to be a great unit, but still I wish we could do simple machines for 2 months.

  28. muhammed says:

    we grade 2w had fun working on our units now we have to explore minibeasts.

  29. stanley says:

    we 2w were doing hard work on simple machines now were moving on minibeasts

  30. stanley says:

    we have done hard work on simple machines now we are doing minibeasts

  31. Fiona says:

    Today we did book reports on our favorite book!It was very fun

  32. leena says:

    its fun to read because there lots intresting book’s and funny book’s too.

  33. Fiona says:

    We are starting a new unit called mini beasts.

  34. Fiona says:

    We are starting a new unit.It is called Mini Beasts.

  35. Greyson says:

    It was a nice day yesterday.I think I have an idea for student led coferences.You should try show your parents something,like Pe

  36. Armaan and Tanay says:

    the 3 minute math is so good. We like it and we always get 100 sums.

  37. mire says:

    Today we did art we drew minibeasts it was so fun. And we put our machines in the libary. And today was a fun day.

  38. Mr. Ben says:

    The Fireflies and Comets reading groups did a good job of reading information reports and finding the most important facts and ideas contained in those reports.

  39. Keema says:

    I saw everyone in 2W doing Math which was much too hard for me because I am just a koala.

  40. Greyson says:

    We have done some math groups and we talked about how we are going to do student led conferences.

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