Minibeasts and Me

This week is the beginning of our next unit of inquiry, Minibeasts and Me.

Our Central Idea:
“Humans rely on invertebrates for our survival, but we have the ability to affect their survival.”

Our Key Concepts:
Form – How are invertebrates similar and different to us?
Change – How are humans changing the invertebrates’ environment?
Connection – Are we dependent on invertebrates? If so, why and how?

This unit will be filled with minibeast hunts; exploring, observing and recording. We’ll discuss in detail about the connection between humans and minibeasts. Students are encouraged to find creatures around the house or at the beach too!


One Response to Minibeasts and Me

  1. Patricia says:

    Hello from Norway! I am a 2nd Grade Teacher at an IB school located in Norway and we are beginning a Mini-beast unit of inquiry to begin our school year. I was wondering if you have any information or resources you might share with me…especially how you integrated mathematics inquiry into your unit. Please let me know if you are looking for resources for any of your UOIs this year as well! Kind regards!

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