EdHeads – Simple and Compound Machines

Simple machines are all around us. We use simple machines all the time and probably don’t even realize it. There are six different types of simple machines. Can you name all six?

Grade 2 is using a resource called EdHeads to learn about simple and compound machines.

EdHead Simple Machine – Learn about simple machines
EdHead Compound Machine – Learn about compound machines

After completing the activities from EdHeads, see if you can answer any of our key concepts/guiding questions.

Form/Function: What is a simple machine and what are the different types?

Causation: How do simple machines reduce the amount of force needed to do work?

Connection: What ways do simple machines make work easier?


2 Responses to EdHeads – Simple and Compound Machines

  1. Jacopo says:

    I love simple machines.

  2. Grade 2N says:

    Simple machines make doing work easier. For example, ramps and inclined planes help us push things up. To open a bottle cap we can use a lever. A hammer is a type of lever that we can use to help us pull out nails. You can use a wedge to keep a door open.

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