Mathematics Update

The next installment of the Everyday Math program is Unit 6. In this unit children will continue to investigate addition and subtraction diagrams from previous units. The objective is that students can perform whole number operations that contain missing numbers, for example: If 66 is the sum total and one part of that total is 23 then what number is missing?

Students will also investigate comparison number stories; these investigate the difference between quantities, for example: If Mr. Ben has 12 cookies and Ms. Lane has 6 cookies, how many more cookies does Mr. Ben have? We will be using comparison diagrams to assist us in performing these problems.

We also encourage you to assist your child’s conceptual understanding of multiplication and division by using real objects such as coins or candies to practise making equal groups and sharing, for example: We have 25 cookies to divide equally among three people. How many cookies will each person get and how many will be left over?

Please read homework instructions with your child whenever necessary as it’s important that your child fully understands a math task before it is undertaken.


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