Using Inference in Grade 2

Students enjoyed working with Ms. Lane today during Literacy time investigating the many context clues hidden in the book Flotsam written by David Wiesner. Students used clues from Flotsam to make inference and identify personal connections to the amazing pictures found within.

This book has no words, but is told in pictures. A boy is at the beach and finds an old camera. He takes the film to get it developed, and sees photos of fantastical undersea cities and inventions. The last picture is the most interesting, though: it’s of a girl, who is holding a photo of a child, who is holding a photo of a child, who is holding a photo of a child, and so on. The boy figures out that he should take a picture of himself holding this photo. So he takes the picture, and tosses the camera back into the ocean; it is carried across the ocean by a variety of fish and sea life, until it again washes ashore and another child finds it. –from

Flotsam won the Randolph Caldecott Medal in 2007 – watch this video to see some of the beautiful imagery presented in this award winning book:

Flotsam is just one of the many books students will be exploring during our six week investigation using inference to comprehend and understand author’s message.


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