Report Information

Dear Grade Two Parents,

As we have a new report format, we’d like to share some clarifying report information with you that will help you understand and interpret your child’s report when it is handed out at the end of this week.

Inserted in the report is a flyer called the Record of Work. These are the benchmarks per subject which Grade Two students should have obtained by December in Grade Two.

If your child meets the benchmarks on the Record of Work, they will receive a SECURE for that area on their report.  If they have not yet achieved this benchmark and are working towards it, this area will be marked as DEVELOPING.  EXCEEDING is only marked when your child is well advanced in a given area.

You will also see that there are 2 headings under math and language.

1.    Areas of strength:  areas in which your child has shown great aptitude.  They are confident and show a consistent and deep understanding of this benchmark.

2.    Areas for improvement:  These are goals/targets on which we will focus with your child during the second semester.  These are either areas in which your child is still DEVELOPING or… for more advanced students, areas in which we will provide extension work.  These are also areas that you may wish to provide extra practice in at home as well, should you wish to do so.

For any benchmarks in the Records of Work that are not mentioned in the Areas of Strength or Areas for Improvement, you may assume that your child is at a secure level at this time.

Should you have any additional questions about the reports, please feel free to contact your classroom teacher.

Happy holidays,

Grade Two Team


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