2L Digestive System Animation Project

The Lively Ladybugs have been spending the past several weeks making an animated movie about the digestive system. Since Chisha, one of our classmates, was preparing to move to Dubai, we used his face and body outline as our template. We made each of the organs of the digestive system and glued them onto Chisha’s body. Mr. McKillip came into our classroom and helped us take more than 100 pictures as we moved a little piece of paper food though the digestive system. All of the pictures were put together and made into a ‘stop-motion’ animated movie. We worked with Miss Lane on a shared writing activity to explain what happens to food when you eat it. Then Mr. McKillip brought a microphone into our classroom and helped us record. We combined this audio recording with the pictures and now we have a complete animated video. Check it out!

5 Responses to 2L Digestive System Animation Project

  1. Sukaina Manji says:

    The presentation was very well done. The kids seem to have mastered the digestive system very well. I was very impressed.

    well done

  2. Callie Lane says:

    Thank you all for the wonderful feedback! We certainly learned a lot about ICT with this wonderful integration project. It would be nice to see a similar project from your class too!

  3. Mr. Salsich says:

    Dear 2L,

    What a fantastic video you made about the digestive system! The animation and narration made it very easy to understand how our bodies digest food. This would be a great way for other students to learn about the digestive system too.

    Mr. Salsich

  4. Mr. Sumner says:

    That was brilliantly done! I have always been a fan of stop motion animation and love to watch films made in this way. It was also very educational, well done 2L, I will ask my class to look at this.

  5. Mrs. Lynch says:

    Dear Lively Ladybugs,
    Wow! your video is amazing. I love the stop motion and want to try it with my class. You did a wonderful job explaining how digestion works. Great work grade 2.
    Mrs. Lynch in Quebec, Canada

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