2W Movie Project: “Journey to the Center of the Toilet”

In class 2W we have been learning about the body systems and in our investigation of the digestive system we worked together to create a movie project using stop motion animation. We all helped design and name the star of the film, “Jake” and write the script describing what happens to food after you eat it. Some very skilled readers did the voice overs (I wonder if you can guess who they are by listening?) and Mr. McKillip helped us with the technical aspects of the job.

It was terrific fun so check out the results.

21 Responses to 2W Movie Project: “Journey to the Center of the Toilet”

  1. Patti Harju says:

    This is just wonderful! I learned a lot from your movie. I will be showing this movie and the one below to my second graders next week. I love the way the food moves through the body and of course you used great sound effects! (My second graders will of course love the flush!) Very well done! Awesome!

  2. Becky Fiona's Mom says:

    I loved the movie. The music, the drawings and the narration were all really great! Great work! Can’t wait for assembly tomorrow.

  3. Paras says:

    I like the music and I liked moving the pieces of food with Mr. Mikey.

  4. Meet says:

    I would thank the teachers and I had lots of fun making and watching our movie.

  5. Carla says:

    I liked the movie and it was so funny especially the end!

  6. jin says:

    I liked making the animation and watching it.

  7. Sina says:

    I like the model because it is a good movie.

  8. Emeline says:

    I liked the voice in the movie and I liked the human that 2W made. It was fun! All of the parts in the movie were so fun and cool and funny and I know 2W love it.

  9. Muhammed says:

    I like the movie because learnt more about the digestive system.

  10. Paras says:

    I liked the music. It was fun moving the pieces of food with Mr. Mikey.

  11. stanley says:

    I liked learning about what happens inside when you eat.

  12. connor says:

    l liked when the toilet got flushed.

  13. fiona says:

    I liked talking in front of the mickerphone in the vidio 🙂

  14. Jack says:

    I liked doing the voices .

  15. Leena says:

    i liked working with my friends to make this movie.

  16. marisna says:

    I liked the flushing noise and the talking.

  17. Greyson says:

    I really liked being one of the voices and I want to thank all the teachers who helped make this a wonderful animation.

  18. Mire says:

    I liked the part when the end of the animation with the flushing noise.

  19. Lea says:

    I liked feeding Jake.

  20. Ethan says:

    I liked the part when I was moving the food around the small intestine.

  21. Armaan says:

    I liked the part in the movie when Jake munches the food.

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