Grade 2 Assembly – The Human Body

Grade 2P and 2L enjoyed working on their Human Body Assembly. They enjoyed sharing the information they had learnt through songs, poems and skits. The classroom enthusiasm spread to their homes, as you can see by the great costumes. Thank you parents for your continued help and support! The Grade 2 Assembly was a huge success!

Following are letters from Grade 2M and 2N to celebrate the learning that has taken place during our Human Body – Unit of Inquiry.


May 28, 2010

Dear Ms. Perera’s Class,

We really enjoyed your assembly today. We liked how confident you were and your creative costumes.

We loved your songs, especially the one about the bones. We have also learnt that song, so we could sing along with you. Could you hear us? Your digestion song was very funny. Our favorite part was the end with the potty!

We are also learning about the body, but your assembly taught us some new things Ms. Tima hadn’t taught us.

We appreciate your hard work.

Ms. Tima’s Class


28 May 2010

Dear Lively Ladybugs,

We enjoyed watching your Grade 2 Assembly and learning more about the Human Body this morning.

We really liked the awesome song about the Digestive System. We learned that first food goes into your mouth where it mixes with saliva. Then you swallow your food, it goes down your esophagus to your stomach. Food in your stomach breaks down into small pieces as it mixes with acid, bile and other digestive juices. Then food goes to your small intestines where nutrients are absorbed into the blood. The blood then feeds the rest of our body. Eventually, waste ends up in the large intestine and then the potty!

It was interesting to learn that when we swallow air and other gases (like in soda), our stomach needs to release the gases by burping!

We also enjoyed the song about the bones! We especially liked the way you sang, “The foot bone is connected to the ankle bone. The ankle bone is connected to the Fibia and Tibia bones…”

We loved watching your assembly. Thank you again for presenting your Human Body information.

Yours Truly,

IST Grade 2 Kung Fu Praying Mantids

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