Sharing Our Learning

Insiyah created a poster with information about the Human Body (our current Unit of Inquiry – Inside Me). She used our class document camera to show her poster and explain ideas and concepts that she has learned both in class and from doing research at home.

“As we have been studying about the body and body systems, I decided to create this poster at my home. I made a skeleton. I wanted to show you inside the skeleton and how the skeleton looks. Did you know that your ribs protect your heart and lungs? Each of your hands has 27 bones. In your mouth your teeth chew food, crushing and mixing your food with saliva. This is where digestion starts. Your incisors are sharp for biting. Your canines are for tearing and your molars crush and grind your food. Your muscles work with your skeleton to help you to move. Your biceps gets shorter when you bend your arm and longer when you pull your arm straight. My class and I are enjoying learning about the body.”
Insiyah, IST Grade 2 Kung Fu Praying Mantids

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