World Langauges Week in Review

During World Languages Week, a number of parents took time from their busy day to come visit IST to share books, stories, pictures, songs, games and much more about their home language and culture.

“During World Languages Week at IST, my mom came to visit our class and read the book After Dark written in Urdu (a language of Pakistan) to us. She read the words in Urdu first and then she translated the words into English so everyone could understand the story. It is about two sisters. One sister is scared of the dark and she will not sleep in her bedroom by herself. My classmates and I really liked the book. It was exciting to have my mom come in and read the book to us.” – Yusra

Insiyah and Yusra also read a book written in Urdu to the class. “We read the book Come and Take a Shower aloud to the class. It was a fun book to read to the class. The class seemed to enjoy the book when we asked questions. If students answered our questions correctly, they received a chocolate from us. In the story, the boy was fussy about eating some kinds of food. People enjoyed the part where the boy said, ‘the chicken flew out the window’. The boy did not want to eat the cooked chicken so he threw it out the window. The message from the book was that you should not be fussy about food. You should always eat what parents give you so that you can keep your body healthy.” – Insiyah and Yusra

During World Languages Week IST ES Campus was bustling with activity. Here is a short video of one of the performances during recess.

“My dad came to visit us at IST during World Languages Week. He told us a story about a young warrior named Wule. He sang the song “Ulegmanatende” which comes from Iramba (where my dad and I are from) in Tanzania. I danced while my dad sang and eventually the rest of the Kung Fu Praying Mantids joined in. We all had a lot of fun. At the end, my dad and I taught the class a fun game.” – Bertha

Thank you Mr. Jairo and Ms. Rasool for coming to visit us at IST. We had a super fantastic time learning from you!

The Kung Fu Praying Mantids

One Response to World Langauges Week in Review

  1. Rosemary Jairo says:

    Uleguma natende Bravo!!!! The Kung Fu Praying Mantids should visit Kinambeu village in Iramba West District, Singida and meet some of Bertha’s friends from the Village named Nzitu, Ulumbi and Bonken. You could also visit their school Called Kinambeu Primary School. You could eat the local fruits called Mapama and Matogo, and they also have the biggest pumpkins, groundnuts and sunflowers!


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