Circulation And Other Body Systems

As students explore the different body systems from our current unit of inquiry, Inside Me – The Human Body, they are discovering that these systems work together to make our bodies function.

Students were asked to reflect on the following question:
How do your body’s respiratory and circulatory systems work together?

“The circulatory system is your heart and blood vessels. Blood takes food and oxygen to cells in your body.” – Noah

“Once air is in your lungs, blood removes the oxygen and takes it to the cells.” – Faris

“Your lungs remove carbon dioxide from your blood.” – Danni

“The respiratory system helps you take in oxygen and puts it in the circulatory system so your heart can beat and pump the blood.” – Aidan

To learn more about the circulatory system we watched the following School House Rock video – Do The Circulation.


One Response to Circulation And Other Body Systems

  1. Rosemary Jairo says:

    Dear Grade 2,

    Wow! you learnt amazing stuff about our bodies and how these bodies function. I also heard that you learnt the good things to eat which will make your body grow healthy. Things like junk food are not good for our bodies. What about candies for our teeth???? I believe now you will want more of vegetables and fruits as treats not candy bars…. Congratulation to all of you.

    Bertha will be coming with a DVD on how our bodies function. I hope you will have time to watch it.

    Rosemary Jairo

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