Current Events

Find out what Current Events are happening this week from IST Grade 2…

What is a Current Event? A Current Event is something that is happening somewhere in the world NOW! Current Events are news stories that include a title, author, and date of publication. Grade 2 students are doing more than just looking up information, they are asking, “What is happening in our world TODAY?”

Each week two students choose an article to present from newspapers, magazines and Internet sites. Students read the article and then use our Current Events Note Taking Form to answer questions like Who, What, When, Where and Why. Students include their opinion about the article and then present their information to the rest of the class.

This week Henry shared with us an article titled Frank Lampard Would Relish Chelsea Title Win at Home.

Chelsea’s Frank Lampard would love to seal the Premier League crown on home turf at Stamford Bridge on Sunday but is not taking victory for granted. from BBC Sports online.

Henry shared his opinion with the class stating, “This is important because if Manchester wins the title they will have won the title five times in a row. I think it is good to have another team win each title.”


Lucca shared with the class an intriguing article titled, Une Cigogne Bleue Attire Curieux et Experts Dans Un Village Allemand from Les Cles Junior online.

Lucca stated that, “A blue stork arrived in the German village, Beigen and is attracting much curiosity.” Lucca continued by saying, “This article is important because scientists think it is not natural that this bird is blue. However, strange things happen in nature and I think this bird is naturally blue.”

Lucca used the following slide presentation/quiz to share information about his article.


Thank you Henry and Lucca for presenting your articles to the class. Both students answered questions and accepted constructive feedback from their audience at the conclusion of their presentation.


One Response to Current Events

  1. Bill Madden says:

    Dear Henry and Lucca,

    Thanks for your great Current Events work. It’s always good to see what you are up to from so far away. Right now I am with my school football team in Johannesburg and it is great to see your news traveling so far.

    Henry, great article but I hope you are wrong! I’d like Manchester United to win again!

    Lucca, what a fantastic bird and what a great slide show to show everyone how special it is. I loved the fantastic photos.

    Thanks again both you guys, good job!

    Bill Madden

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