Exploring the Stomach

The Lively Ladybugs did an exciting experiment to learn about how the stomach digests food. Each table group started out having a sturdy zipped bag that represented our stomach. When it becomes empty and hungry, the stomach begins to produce gastric juices. We poured a half of a soda in each bag to represent the gastric juices. Now our ‘stomachs’ have gastric juices flowing but they still need food to be full! A piece of sandwich bread was dropped into each ‘stomach’ and then the bag was sealed. Now we took turns passing the ‘stomach’ around the table and used our hands to act like the muscles of the stomach wall that squeeze the food. As we continued to squeeze, we observed that the bread soaked up more and more of the gastric juices. As the food got soggier and the muscles squeezed it, the bread broke down into smaller and smaller pieces. Eventually, the food in our stomachs became a liquid and was ready to move on to the small intestine!

Check out this cool video – follow the journey of food through the digestive system!


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