Maasai and I Unit Reflection

Maasai and I Unit Student Reflections

As part of our unit reflection on learning about the modern and traditional Maasai culture, we also took time to look more closely at our own culture at IST. We looked at how our culture at school is similar and also different than that of the Maasai. We used Venn Diagrams to record the different ways that we are the same and the ways that we are different. Using Venn Diagrams helped us to organize our findings.

(By the way, did you know that “Maasai” spelled with two ‘a’s is the way it is spelled in Tanzania? In Kenya, “Masai” is spelled like this with only one ‘a’.)

Below are a few quotes from students as they reflect on their own learning:

I learned that the Maasai people are not that different from us. We both wear clothes. We wear uniforms at IST and they wear kangas.” – Danni, 2M

I would like to be a Maasai because they can run so fast.” – Tess, 2P

What I liked about the Maasai, is their clothing and how high they can jump.” – Vansh, 2N

I think the Maasai high jumping dance is so cool.” – Marcel, 2P

What I learnt about the Maasai is that they are just like us but usually they do things that are not the same as us. They are still human. Maasais are a great culture to learn about. Thank you.” – Lauren, 2N

I love the way Maasai look, they are so tall and colourful.” – Mikaeel, 2P

Their jewelry is really funky!” – Abe, 2P

My favourite thing about the Maasai unit was when the Maasai came in and danced. The Maasai unit was one of my best units in Grade 2. I loved it.” – Gemma, 2N

I really liked learning about how Maasai used to be able to get married at 10 or 11 years old. I loved it when the Maasai came and they danced for us.” – Lisa, 2L

I wouldn’t want to be a Maasai because I don’t want to drink cow blood.” – Suren, 2P

I learned about culture, like everyone eats but we eat in different ways. Some people use their hands and some use a fork and spoon.” – Tatiana, 2L

I learned that we both have houses we call our homes. The traditional Maasai live in houses made of mud and cow poo. We live in houses made of wood and cement.” – Jodie, 2M

In common we both have houses but the Maasai have huts. We have pets like cats and dogs, but Maasai have cows, chickens and goats.” – Henry, 2M


7 Responses to Maasai and I Unit Reflection

  1. Danni says:

    I know the traditional Maasai’s houses are made with cow poo and mud.

    Do the traditional Maasai mix the cow poo and mud to make their house? Do they make their house with sticks first and then put the cow poo and mud on the sticks?

    • Michael S says:

      Danni, the structure of the Maasai hut is made of sticks first, and then cow poo or mud is plastered on them. Cow poo preferred because it is lighter than mud and takes time to wet when it rains.

  2. FIN says:

    I like the cloth that the Maasai wear. I also like their spears and sticks .

  3. abby says:

    You’re right Jodie, Maasai do make houses out of poo, but mine is not.

  4. Iman says:

    I agree that Maasai live in houses made out of cow dung and we live in houses made out of wood and cement.

  5. Miss Lane says:

    I am so happy that our students have enjoyed this unit of inquiry! It was fun to teach too!

  6. What great information your students are sharing. I learned a lot about the Maasai after reading their comments. What a great cultural experience for your students too.

    Mr. C

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