Reader’s Chair

Each Wednesday one student has the opportunity to share a book of his/her choice with the class. This week, Yusra had the opportunity to share one of her favorite books.

Students are given one week to choose a “just right book” to share. Students are expected to practice reading their book aloud to family and friends at home. Students present the book to their class, reading the book aloud, engaging the audience by making eye contact, showing illustrations and asking questions to check for their understanding.

Yusra chose a popular Disney/Pixar movie (A Bug’s Life) book to share with the class. Yusra read her book with confidence. She obviously practiced reading her book at home with her family members. While reading aloud, she stopped at certain points to ask her audience questions to check for understanding.

Many (if not all) Grade 2 students have seen the movie, A Bug’s Life and were familiar with the story and its characters. Everyone enjoyed listening to Yusra read this enjoyable book.

This Week’s IST Grade 2 Reading Recommendation:

Flik the Inventor (A Bug’s Life, Book 1)
by Disney Enterprises Inc
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Hardcover: 44 pages
Publisher: Advance Publishing, Inc; First Edition edition (November 1998)
Language: English


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